Monday, February 22, 2016

Thanks to Elder Allred

Allred Family,

I just wanted to take some time and quickly present myself and write you an email. I`m Elder Larsen from Highland, UT. Im currently Elder Allred`s companion and, well we are in our last few days together. I just wanted to thank you for raising Elder Allred in a great way. I consider Elder Allred a great friend and I highly respect him. He is an incredible missionary. I have learned from him how to be spontaneous and follow our thoughts/inspirations. In my mission there have been a lot of times where I think of something that would be cool to do or that might help out an investigator or less active, but then I would wait for the best moment and sometimes forget to do it. Elder Allred on the other hand is impulsive and if he thinks of something he just does it. Due to this type of action we have seen a lot of miracles and have been able to find some great people to teach. I really appreciate your son and all he has taught me and for the frienship he has shown me. I hope that we can meet up after the mission and hang out sometime. Thank you again for your son and I hope that everything in your family is going well and that you can all be happy and smiling all the time. The church is true and it is the greatest source of happiness that I have been able to find in my life. I love the Lord, I know He died for us, and that He loves us and desires that ALL of us can get back to Him someday. I know we can only achieve this if we act, talking, feeling, and praying are not enough. May we all strive to be at our Father`s side one day. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Larsen

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