Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Out With the Old in With the New

So usually when i get to this part i take out my agenda and look at what has happened during the week or sometimes i even write notes down.. but i just looked in my agenda and there wasnt anything! it was changes week, and mission council week, so its just been crazy. i think ive averaged about 4 1/2 hours of sleep this week. Im exhausted...

On monday, we worked in the office and prepared everything for chagnes and then had the most amazing night with the missionaries that were going home. we went to dinner at presidents house and it was incredible. Hermana Díaz seriously has a gift from God for cooking. its amazing. she can cook for 20 or 30 people and make it so good every time. after the dinner they all shared their testimonies and then some decided to stay at our apartment for the night. well it just happened that two of my old comps were going home, elder passey, and elder osuna, so we ended up falling asleep at about 3:30 and waking up at 5 to shower and be at the church to leave at 6 to Santiago!

tuesday we dropped off the olds, and picked up the news. theyre all studs. seriously one of the most mature and prepared group of new missionaries ive ever seen. its cool, its like they just keep coming more  and more prepared. all of the missionaries finishing went through the temple (which is agonizing to see them go in and not be able to) while the office trained all the new missionaries on everything. biggest surprise was getting to the temple with all of the sister missionaries that i got to the mission with and see all of teh sisters from my district in the mtc in santiago getting ready to go home too!! haha so weird.

on wednesday we had the changes meeting and it was really special. im with elder ammirati now, the stallion, and even though im still living in downtown viña (in the sickest apartment ever) our sector is up on this super ghetto hill. its gonna be tight. today were gonna head up to our sector for the first time this week and start baptizing some latino thugs. #thuglife

thursday we were overloaded. we were in the office working the ENTIRE DAY making up all of the work taht we couldnt do during the week and preparing our presentations and everything for mission council on friday. at like 11 we got back to our house and elder Frampton and his comp came from their zone in the north to spend the night with us. we got up early to get yoked and then headed over to the mission council. #swollsquad

at mission council i gave a ppt on how were doing as a mission in the amount of references were getting and baptizing. one of these week ill have the send the graph of the statistic were keeping its really cool. but it was good and there are going to be a few changes made. there has been a huge enfasis in focusing 100% on preach my gospel and following the guidelines. logical. the thing is the map to baptizing.

its just been a crazy week. it was so long. when you stop doing normal missionary things like having studies every day, and having time to proselyte every day you just feel different. the team we have in the office is sweet right now. Elder staton, my good old friend came in with us and will finish his mission in the office. Elder Roach and elder frampton left but its chill were gonna rock the boat this change.

im pumped to work. i love the mission. i love the Lord. everything i have is because of him. my potencial depends completely on my willingness to accept his will. heard a really cool quote this week that goes "the key to staying firm is service. if you are not serving others pride find its way in." the church is how it is for a reason. everyone has a calling, everyone has been called to share the gospel, and everyone has been commanded to keep the commandments. when we stop fulfilling in any of those things, we stop our progression because were are not serving. its the key to happiness. 

just want to make up for forgetting last week and tell Di that i love you so much and happy birthday! 28 right?? 20 forever. You´re a gem mom and my whole life ive always looked up to you so much for being so happy and never losing love for anyone. you truly have the pure love of Christ and i hope to obtain it one day. Happy birthday mother.

Col, its the big 17 homie. live it up cause its the time of your life. hope you spend it well and have a good time dawg. love you so much your my best friend and i cant wait to celebrate your 18th together. skydiving.

Love you guys <3

-Elder Allred - Chilean street raptor

photos - sanddunes, and a pic for the ensign. Or espn sportscover if you want to send it in... idk.

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