Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Road Trip

sorry i have no time to write fam. we were just allowed a little bit today and now i need to run up to my sector to have like an hour to work in the night and go find somebody to baptize. turns out the weeks that we think will be normal never end up being normal. ever since me and my comp got the truck we´ve just had to do a million things and havent had time to do anything. we´re really working hard to get up to our sector but its been tough.
our investigators are progressing little by little. We caught fabian smoking the other day in the park and he tried to hide it from us. its been tough trying to get people to go to church in our branch. its been several months since an investigator has gone to church. 

we´ve got a couple of prospects and references that are going ot progress this week. for every second we´ve been in our sector we´ve gone as hard as we can to contact everyone and receive a million references. miracles are about ot happen we´ve just gotta keep on keeping on!!

today we went to Valparaiso with President and Hermana Diaz and practically spent the whole day. we went to a marine museum which was awesome, and to the cemetary where parley p pratt´s son was buried along with a lot of historic figures. afterwards we got lunch and ice cream with them and arrived back at the office. fun day. zero time to do p day stuff haha. Love those guys so much.

tomorrow morning me and my comp elder ammirati are getting up early to take some computer equipment to santiago to be repaired. i was kind of irritated with all the problems we´ve been having with it and having to run around, until i talked to President about it and talked about the possibility of going through a temple session while were waiting for it down there... WERE GOING TO THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!! haha im so pumped. first time in a year and a half. its gonna be better than p day. and while were in santiago were gonna take a swing by TACO BELL! im so excited i seriously cant hold it in. tender mercies, thats all i have to say. #roadtrip

love you guys have an awesome week.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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