Sunday, March 27, 2016


yeah so this week, well i guess its been like a week and a half, has been awesome! we worked a lot in our sector and in a million other things as well.

last week we fulfilled our dreams and took our road trip to santiago to fix a computer and took advantage of the time to do a session in teh temple and do some sealings too!! it was amazing. afterwards the temple president, President Alder called us into his office to talk with us and gave us some sweet photos of the santiago temple! it was a special experience, and on top of it all we stopped by Taco Bell while we were there and i ate a couple of beefy five layer burritos. not gonna lie, it made me miss american fast food a whole lot. good stuff.

weve found a couple of really good investigators in our sector, the only thing is that our church is situated on this huge hill and its been tough getting people to go to church. but were working with a lot of good potencials and people that have really passed through tough times in their lives. its a whole new world in Forestal, we find the craziest people in teh craziest situations, but its amazing to see the scripture in D&C come true that says that he that receives light, receives more light. however in Alma 32 it explains that passing through trials or not being blessed temporaly does not automatically make somebody humble. its nto the circumstances, rather the attitude that makes God able to build someone up.

basically every day this week we have been teaching our investigator Leo. hes 52, almost blind, lives alone, doesnt have family, or a job, and practically lives in a dump. if there was ever anyone that would have reason to be humbled by lifes experiences, it would be Brother Leo. however the guy is one of the most prideful and hard hearted people ive ever taught. most of the time he tries to teach us things about life instead of listening to teh spirit, but last night we think it got to him. we couldnt figure out why he was so hard hearted until one planning we felt like it was because he couldnt see well that caused him to have anger against God. so last night just outside of his house, cause he iddnt want to let us in, we taught him standing up in teh cold for about 45 min and for the first time he felt the spirit. he didnt want us to realize, but we saw tears in his eyes not because he felt bad for himself, but becasue the spirit testified that he was a son of God and had more potencial than he could imagine. hes committed to go to church tomorrow. LETS GO LEO!!

other than that just lots of traveling, working and helping people move houses or make new contracts. this week there will be a ton to do so its gonna fly. ill be honest i dont know if ill write on tuesday or saturday... tuesday we have too much to do, and saturday is general conf, so idk... but i love you guys :) we`ll see.

suave la nave.

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

i dont have any photos, but i did figure out that Hermana Diaz has a cool facebook page... i think its just called mision Chile viña del mar. Check it out.

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