Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Forestal Getting Groovy

alright guys.... i got like no time cause we have had zero time to sleep this week and we have to get home to take a little nap or something bad is going to happen. ill try ot sum up these last ten days as well as i can!

we have p day on tuesdays now becasue elder teixeira came and told us to change it from saturday. i honestly think its gonna change back but we`ll see. we are so far behind on everyhting in the office because now that the couple missionaries left that were in charge of the homes of the mission me and my comp have just been running around a bunch of zones trying to solve all of the problems. the good news is that we have a sick 2010 ford ranger so we`ve been living it up there :) just that we havent had the time we hoped to have in our sector. the other secretaries and the assistants have just been pounding us with other responsibilities to do and its been tough to get everything done. but everything is good because with faith anything can be done. and thats why were gonna baptize a family in our sector.

i got to the branch last week, my first branch of the mission, in forestal, which is this huge hill in viña. its a homy little place to stay but its in the middle of a super ghetto area. there is a lot of alcoholism and drugs. its the complete polar opposite of being in downtown viña in teh stake. haha but its honestly fun. its where the best experiences happen.

we found a new investigator named fabian. hes 19 years old and his sister gave us the reference when we contacted her one day in teh street. when we taught him last week he was super pumped to talk about baptism and really wants to make changes in his life. he grew up in a tough place and doesnt have much support. when we offered him a book of mormon he said dont leave that here or my dad and brothers will use to smoke. haha he wasnt kidding. were gonna work with him and prepare him so that he can find some good friends in teh branch.

there arent a ton of active members, usually about 40 that attend regularly... but my comp and i felt strongly that with little time in our sector to work, the key is going to be getting references. in the mission ive started counting how effective it is to work with references and contacts and came to the conclusion taht over a two year span 1/22 new investigators that were found through contacts got baptized... and about 1/13 references got baptized. its much more effective you just got be willing to put in the work with the members. 

we started passing by a member every day and sharing something creative and fun with them and at the end get them to set up a family home evening with a friend or somebody or go with us to talk with their neighbors and friends one day. in one week we got 18 references. which is more than any other week ive had on my mission. granted we didnt end up teaching or finidng that many this week, but the fruits are gonna show. 

i know the Lord is guiding us in every step. theres nothing that gives more satisfaction than feeling you should do something, acting on it, and then after realizing taht it was 100% a spiritual prompting that God sent to you. I know that he is willing to do it with everyone in any aspect of their life if we can humble ourselves enough to accept that his way is better.

Love you guys and im praying for ya every day. Alma 22:15 ask yourselves what you would be willing to do to get closer to God. Dont be complacent with where you`re at. We should always be raising the bar spiritually.

-Elder Allred - Chilean street raptor

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