Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Creatures and Schizos

So its only been 3 days since the last time i emailed. our whole schedule is kind of unpredictable... if we have things on tuesday we do p day on saturday... but general conference is on saturday this week so  we did it today. oh well.

anyway pretty much these last few days i got yelled at in the middle of my talk by a schizophrenic in front of the whole congregation, ran into a strange unknown species in our sector (ill send pics), and found a sweet new investigator by a miracle.

yeah there is this guy, actually  its fabians uncle, this kid were teaching, that has threatened us a few times and always yells at us when he sees us. the first time we met him he took us into his penthouse and we thought we were gonna die, and then he just showed us pieces of his hair of "when he was a nazi". but yeah he thinks were from the CIA and just here to spy on people. so i getting into the most spiritual part of my talk on Easter Sunday, just about to testify of the atonement when he storms in and begins to yell a plethura of insults towards me such as; "youre a racist" "leave my woman alone" "you deal with me, not my family, this is not a game" and "im going to kill you" just to name a few. hahaha i had no idea what to do. im sure i got super red. i just gave him a thumbs up from the pulpit and said gracias hermano as a brother in our ward took him out of the chapel. it was pretty funny. good times.

on sunday night after weekly planning my comp and i decided to look for a few former investigators from some old registers we had. while searching this giant staircase for a son and mom we began to realize we had gone down to far, but instead of turning around we just kept going down this never ending hill. after knocking all of the doors we finally started going back up, got lost, and then ran into a guy coming out of his house... we decided to ask him if he knew where the house was and he said oh thats my house. even though the people that had lived there had moved he let us pass and just happened to be an endowed melquisidec priesthood holder that had been inactive for years! his GF is not a member and decided to join the lesson but was acting kind of weird even though she accepted everything and participated. near the end of the lesson she opened up a little and told us that the night before she had a dream that two young men would help her get out of lots of problems in her life and then told us she thought we were the people from her dream!! amazing. it was a super spiritual lesson, and even though she works almost all day she is trying to find time this week so that we can pass by again!

also we went to the zoo in quilpue to day for P day so that was sick. I gave a monkey a cookie.Inline image 1

miracles happen every day. because its not our work, nor our mission, rather that everything that happens when we are being obedient and working hard is becasue it is supposed to happen like that. i know the Lord directs his work here on earth, ive never been so sure of it in my life. i cant wait for general conference this weekend. what a blessing it is to have men of God called to lead and guide us in a lost world. 

Enjoy every second of it all. God wants us to be happy. thats why he created all of this. Love you guys talk to you next week maybe on tuesday maybe on saturday who knows..

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

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