Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Puro Power


i gotta be honest with you guys.... it was a stellar week! we worked our butts off in everything we did, found some new investigatores, and one of them went to general conference!! it was the first time that an investigator has attended church in a long time in our sector. its been hard but we did it. now obviously our goal as missionaries is not to have people go to church on sundays, its to baptize, but hey we`re one step closer!

ill talk more about our good friend that attended in a sec. but more than anything it picked up our spirits a lot to have somebody there. this is the toughest, most prideful sector ive had on my mission. of course i understand that the Lord prepares people everywhere and that doesnt exclude where im at, however the people in general where we work remind me a lot of how Laman and Lemuel are described the book of mormon. #SUSN ... or for those of you that dont speak hashtag, straight up stiff necked. there is a lot of pride, and its one of the hardest things to help as a missionary cause its just like they put up a shield against all of the blessings that God wants to give them in their lives. ive never met so many people that need the gospel so much and have so many reasons to accept it but wont open their hearts even just a little bit to accept the fact that they cant do everything on their own. that in reality they depend a lot more on God than they could ever imagine. all of the good things they have are because of God`s mercy on them, and all of the hard things they have in life are almost all biproducts of pride and disobedience. but they believe its the other way around.

we`re still working with Leo. he told us this week taht his plan to turn life around is to sit and wait until God turns things around for him. He didnt come to the conference.
We found about 3 or 4 other investigators that all have similar problems to Leo. Little money, no job, and addictions. 

Joaquin is 76 years old. his wife died of cancer last october and she had been a faithful member for about 7 years before her death. Joaquin has talked to missionaries but never had real desires to learn more about the church. but we received a reference for him this past week and he accepted us in. Hes also pretty stubborn, and tells us he never wants to be baptized. but he came to general conference and liked it and accepted another appt. for tonight. So were not giving up on him yet. In fact we invited President Dìaz to come with us tonight for the lesson... its gonna be legit! its basically gonna be like us carry a giant cannon with a ball into joaquins house and then if we can get it in successfully all we need to do it light it off. Its impressive how President can teach with the spirit so well. Were pumped for it.,

General conference was amazing guys. I cant believe it was the last time ill watch it in the mission! i dont want to go on too much about it, but i think my favorite talks were Mervyn J. Arnold on saturday about going to the rescue, and Elder Nelson from priesthood about being a man of God! "I fear that too many of us have the priesthood authority, but do not have the priesthood power". it made me think a lot about how badly i want to be able to bless others. not jsut as a missionary but for the rest of my life. if i would be willing to sacrifice worldly desires to help those i love. We are "bearers" of the priesthood, which implies we support a responsibility that is God given.

we had a goodbye dinner for another missionary couple last night. im still stuffed. also santiago is taking our truck from us on thursday... ;(

Life is good. God is good. His love is uncomprehendable. I love the gospel, and i know that its the only true path to be happy. Sometimes we get so caught up in other things that like Elder Hallstrom said we first treat things casually, then we ignore them, and then we forget them. Dont forget spritiual experiences or impressions. Keep building your faith every day.

Love you all. 

-Elder Allred - Chilean street raptor

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