Saturday, April 23, 2016

Black Suits and Blue Ties

well after 7 days of no sleep and a long process of preparing everything for transfers and mission council, im still alive! im so tired though guys, so tired. last night i hit the pillow and it felt like i blinked my eyes and i was up again without feeling any different. its been so much fun though and it was an incredible week!

first off my new comp among his many nicknames is known as "the most interesting missionary in the world". We also call him Ryan Reynolds sometimes, and the Ukranian Hammer. Hes a boss. His name is Elder Rogerson, but his official name when he was born was Constantine Alexandervich Dovjenko. Hahaha. Sick right? he was found in a Ukranian manufacturing plant and adopted by his parents that he now has. He`s live in over 20 countries and is the most diverse person ive ever met. what a guy! just when i feel like im getting to know the guy, I DONT KNOW ANYTHING. were gonna finish these six weeks and im gonna look back and realized i know less about Elder Rogerson than i did at the beginning when i met him. The MOST interesting. really though im happy hes my comp and hes doing a really good job in the office. he learns really fast and loves the Lord. 

We havent even gone up to our sector this week, ill stay one more change here in forestal alto, but regardless, its been a fantastic time. we welcomed the new couple missionaries, the Gould`s who are working with us in teh office. theyre tight. on Monday we had teh last dinner for those going home which was amazing and i said goodbye to a lot of good friends, and two of my best companions, Elder Swindler from Coquimbo, and Elder Larsen from the office. Really good group of missionaries. On Tuesday we got up at about 4 after having gone to bed at about 2, and headed to santiago. We welcomed the new missionaries with a presentation we had to come up with in about 15 min, but it turned out well, and then we had tuesday and wednesday to be with them in the mission home and do a lot of stuff, all accompanied by amazing food by Hermana Dìaz. it was solid!

Thursday was our only day to prepare everything in teh office and all of the stuff for mission council on friday! we got it done pretty late again and thursday night me and elder rogerson picked up elder frampton, and elder horton from the bus terminal to stay with us for the night. it was a good time, and of course we got our traditional màte in!

Were starting to cool things down and this next week should be a normal week. Catalina didnt come to church last week becasue it was raining, so and the Relief society president just didnt pass by her house to get her liek we had planned out. Frustrating stuff. Its all cool though. This week shes coming and shes gonna keep progressing. We had an amazing lesson with our Elders quorum president that went with us last week and he got in and just starting talking about soccer and chilean stuff with the dad, then he got the mom involved too and really helped us to open the family up and share with us. theyre gonna progress i know it!!! 

Jacob from the Castillo family emailed me this week and told me that hes been going through the temple classes with his wife he got married to about a year ago... AND IN AUGUST THEY`RE GETTING SEALED!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! i was so pumped to hear about it, im gonna do everything i can to talk President in to letting me go for it!!! theyve come so far, and im so happy for them. the gospel is the key to happiness, never been more sure of it in my life. spiritual barriers and limits can be broken when we start trying to make good actions, become good habits. I know God and Christ live. this is they`re church. i love the mission, ive never been happier, nor felt the spirit so strong in my life as when i see somebody in the process of conversion. and are led to believe the holy scriptures, yea, the prophecies of the holy prophets, which are written, which leadeth them to faith on the Lord, and unto repentance, which faith and repentance bringeth a change of heart unto them—Helaman 15:7... 

ive felt a change of heart in multiple ways and i dont ever want it to end. Have a great week yall, love you.

-Elder Allred - chilean street raptor

proselyting in the storm, and eating out at ruby tuesdays. First time ive had free refills in a year and 7 months.

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