Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Like a Mouthful of Joy

Ive been impressed with about a million different thoughts and feelings as my time has winded down. its pretty much impossible and also completely illogical to try to explain what ive felt, seen, experienced, and become in two years as a servant of the Lord so i wont attempt it. but ill try to throw out as many thoughts as i can in these 15-20 min that i have to write what will be my last letter to home as a missionary of the Lord`s church...

yesterday they gave me ten minutes in sacrament meeting to bear my testimony for my last sunday in teh ward. a quote came to my mind that i know came from the spirit. considering the fact that i read it on the wall of my sixth grade classroom in Mr. Hodson`s class years ago, im almost positive i couldnt have just randomly thought of it in that moment. "if you want something that you`ve never had, you`ve got to do something that you`ve never done." a basketball player cannot become his very best unless he changes habitual training, an experienced chef will never learn new recipes unless he tests them and tries himself, we cannot become heirs of our fathers` kingdom without having passed throught the trial. these have been the two hardest, most difficult years of my life... they`ve also been the most rewarding, joy filled years ive ever had. and i no i never could have become what i am today without these experiences that ive passed through.

its kind of interesting how sometimes when you put your hands on the plow and start moving forward you look back after a while and realize how far youve come. if you check your progress every 30 seconds you`ll probably get a little desperate and feel like the work just isnt coming along how you hoped. for 24 months ive tried my very very hardest to keep moving forward with the plow and NEVER look back. at certain moments ive been blessed to realized how much progress ive made but i never wanted to stop and admire anything until the work was finished. well the work is not finished but my time here in Chile is and i couldnt be happier with how blessed ive been. i think the big question every missionary has by the end of his time is - did i do everything i could have? its a question ive been asking for a few days and the Lord has blessed me with the assurance that he is pleased with me. theres no greater feeling. the same words have been ringing in my head for the last few days:

His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithfulservant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

today, tuesday, wednesday, adn thursday will be my last days here in Serena. On friday elder frampton is taking a bus to come here and we`ll be spending the day together in coquimbo visiting our homies. in the morning we have breakfast with my old bishop, lunch is in a peruvian restaurant of a member from e framptons old ward, and at night were having an asado with my boy Alexis and then at midnight hes taking us to the bus station to head to viña. i arrive saturday morning and at about 12 in the afternoon will head to santiago to witness two sealings of waht has been the greatest blessing of my mission. see a family convert themselves to the gospel and change absolutely EVERYTHING they had ever known or had before. theres no words to describe how i will feel to participate in those two sealings. i love them so much. i love everyone here so much. this country is my second home and ill miss it a whole lot.

Sunday will be my last interview with President. Monday i head out to visit everyone in viña, quilpue, and valparaiso with elder mcelhaney, and tuesday morning we head to the temple and then to the airport in the afternoon.

i cant believe its coming to an end. haha i seriously cant it doesnt really fit in my brain. the one thing i do know is that i will cherish these last few days. all i want is to finish strong...!

like i said the mission has changed me forever. ill never be the same. im still Wyatt. but i understand so much more now and thats made all of the difference. i know where my life needs to go. all of the other things are simply tangents on the way, but i know whats most important.

ill finish with my testimony that i know without a sliver of doubt in my mind that this church is true. it really is something way more divine and beautiful than we realize. if we could comprehend the magnitude of the decisions we make it wouldnt be so hard. but thats not the point. im grateful the Lord lets us make mistakes and lets us see our own weaknesses. his plan is perfect. get to know it better. try to understand why he allows things to happen. ask him. i know he answers, i know he lives. his Son died for us, and theres nothing more important in the world than this knowledge! not even Pokemon Go.

my mission has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. i love this work.

see you guys next wednesday in SLC. somebody bring me panda express cause ya boi`s got some mad cravings.

Chow mein with orange chicken and sweetfire chicken breast.

-Elder Allred - chilean street raptor signing off...

photos- the last soccer game with the young mens.

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