Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Last Melon

this week marked the last beginning of a change that i will have as a missionary. its really weird to think about. the truth is i dont really like thinking about it all that much. but i know that ive got six weeks to continue refining myself and become that consecrated soldier that the Lord would like me to be. 

my last companion is named Elder Garcia. he´s from northern Peru and ill be training him as a new ZL this change. hes a funny guy. little bit different than me but he´s an incredible teacher and knows the scriptures really well. hes a really good artist and is super out going haha its pretty funny sometimes. but we´ve gotten along well our first week together and im pumped to put in the work with him this change and take out the trash in our sector. i just want to give it all before i end and honestly theres lots of time to make some impacts in the zone and in our sector.

on wednesday we headed to changes on the bus. it was a good bus ride with all the homies we had a good time even though it was long! in fact since my comp is a new ZL and Elder Framptons new comp as well we stayed in viña on thursday and went on divisions with Elder Gould going around the zones in viña repairing houses and moving things around haha it was pretty fun. at night we bought popeyes and had a party in my old office pension with the boys. 

friday we had mission council and reported our numbers for the month of june. it was a super good conference. they gave all of teh missionaries that were in their last council a chance to bear their testimony. im not gonna lie i balled in front of about 35 missionaries. but im grateful for all the opportunities ive had on teh mission to learn from others and participate in conferences like this. i realized taht every assignment, companion, and sector ive had were never rewards or gifts for baptizing or doing something as a missionary, rather opportunities that the Lord gave to me to learn from other people. the greatest being President Díaz. 

President didnt want us traveling at night cause we were exhausted so we convinced him to get a game of soccer in against teh office on saturday morning before boarding teh bus to head back up to the north. haha it was pretty sweet.

yesterday we had a problem with some sisters in our zone. haha it was ridiculous. a new sister got here on wednesday and the next day a door accidentally locked in their home with all of her suitcases and clothes inside of it. she literally did not have otehr clothes to wear, so yesterday we went over there with a bunch of keys we had in our house. probably 30. not one of them worked. so we called this brother from their ward and he tried a bunch of different things to get it open, nothing. we were there 3 hours. 3 HOURS IN THE SISTERS HOME. and then my comp opens this closet and while he´s looking at their books he goes and waht about these keys? the first one we tried opened up the flipping closet. haha ridiculous.

Carlos our venezuelan investigator came to church with us yesterday! even though when we got there he excused himself to go smoke a few cigs, the importnat thing is that he came! haha baby steps. hes a stud. tonight he wants to buy us pizza and then we´ll share the plan of salvation. :)

love you guys hope you have a swell week. ill be honest its weird having my friends get home, but when i get to work its like i forget about it all. i know the Lord will give me the strength to be able to focus and give all of my attention to His work. he never gives commandments that cannot be fulfilled "for there is no respect of persons with God." Romans 2:11

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

photos: getting mexican food after changes meeting with the Gould´s, and the bus ride from the north.

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