Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Week

im gonna be short and sweet today. ill be honest p days are becoming my least favorite days of the week because they´re the hardest to focus. but its chill i aint worried. 

this week was different. its like i was working hard and everything, but the days went by slower. now that the week is over it feels like it flew by... idk its strange. maybe thats just how its gonna be. we worked our butts off though so i dont have anything to worry about.

this week we put a different baptismal date almost every single day. we worked hard with existing investigators and found some new ones that are good. interestingly enough all of them or foreigners. seriously almost everyone were teaching is from ecuador, colombia, or venezuela. theyre all sick.

carlos is still going strong. tonight were teaching the word of wisdom. pray for him. if he can get over this and the law of chastity he´s golden for his baptism. sadly none of the other investigators that we were teaching came to church this week after all of them had committed saturday at night! its seriously tough to motivate people to go ot church. but we saw lots of miracles this week so im not complaining at all. we found lots of good people.

my comp is crazy. haha sometimes i just look at him and start laughing hes super funny. hes like a little kid. he loves like little toys and playing with other kids, but when it comes to the gospel hes the smartest comp ive had. im learning something new everyday from him seriously. we get along really well even though hes a little immature and he teaches like a boss.

on tuesday we had our zone conference. we made everyone french toast in the morning and if we achieve our zone goal were gonna call Pres to do a Serena VS Coquimbo soccer match. that´ll be sweet.

also this week we taught a convert from Hong Kong that was baptized 3 months ago in China! haha he speaks zero spanish, and it was pretty hard to understand his english. he was involved in a shipwreck and the doctors said he´d never walk again, also he didnt understnad anything they said to him so he got really angry. then one nurse started helping him a lot and telling him in english about hope and faith in God. when a miracle occurred and he regained strength to walk he became really good friends witht the nurse who is a member, and when he went back to china started taking the lessons and was baptized. well his family basically disowned him so he came back here and is now dating the member here haha. he´s a boss. were gonna keep helping him little by little because before his baptism he practically didnt know who God was, and had never heard of Christ.

we have no money so were gonna buy a pound of flour to make pancakes for breakfast and dinner every day this week. pray for us.

love you guys.

-Elder Allred - Chilean Street Raptor

heres a pic of our zone.

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