Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help us Help You

hello family! :) i hope you had wonderful birthdays and that youre all getting pumped for march madness! i know i am. i heard march madness in the mission means more success. lesss gooooooooo!!!

di asked me in an email this week if my primary responsibility as district leader is to be a cheerleader for everyone... ill have you know di that i am ALSO  the tumbler! no but really its true.. a big part of my job is just to always be enthusiastic and make sure everyone in my district is too. obviously i have to direct district meetings each week and give a presentation, and collect lots of number from everyone, but really the hardest part is just have excitement all the time. its somethign i really learned from elder passey. if i call someone or answer the phone i HAVE to be happy. even if all of our appts fell, our inv told us she cant talk with us anymore, and we dead flat in our area. its really good though becasue at the same time it motivates me. if our area isnt doing well, then im not being an example for others. 

but its a good thing that our area is doing well :). this week we had to investigators come to church and parts of their families! we have two baptism dates with kids that are 9 years old and at the same time were in teh process of reactivating the families. but they both came this week, and anais will be baptized on friday, and enzo at the end of march on his 9th birthday ;)! its been super interesting on my mission to see the different reason for inactivation among church members. just many of the witnesses that saw the plates with their own eyes, they know that this is the true church but they CANNOT overcome their pride! its sad, but its too hard for them to return.

this week was super crazy other than that. we are working with a convert that takls our heads off every time we meet with him. like seriously i think he would talk for hours if we didnt tell him to stop or interrupt him. it seriously impresses me. he has cancer and cant leave his house where he lives alone so i guess he doesnt have that many people to talk to. good guy. also eduardo and liset are good. liset wants to get baptized right nwo... the problem is they dont think they have the money to get married.they are going ot chruch and want to go to the temple someday, but right now theyve committed to pray together to find a way to get married and be happy. we ahve a lesson with them tomorrow.

other than that not much. we have a lot of goals for our area, and for the district too! i know tha twith diligence and obedience were goign to reach them! 

i love all of you and hope you have an awesome week. recently ive felt a lot of interest in finding out more abuot family history. i hope everyone is fulfilling their duties as part of this generation to help your ancestors out with this great work. 
have a great week <3

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

-with love from viña

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