Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marriage Problems

hey guys. this is starting to feel like a blur. i dont remember what happened last week, or this week, and what i need to write about right now. but im happy, and working hard here in the hills of viña! :) we pretty much spent all of today running around downtown in viña filling out stuff for our passports... it was a pretty tiring p day. but i did here that one of my investigators from my first ward kicked her boyfriend out of her house and got baptized! so that was awesome.

so this week elder wilcox´s comp from 2 changes ago, elder judd, came back for a couple days to the ward! he flies for free so pretty much hes just doing business with this guy in our ward and he went to a lesson with us and it was really solid! it was weird to talk with him though because its hard to imagine life after the mission. all you can do is think about what youre doing rightnow because the future just seems so far away,. but as time goes on, so does my love for being here and my desire to find people ready to hear the gospel.

speaking of ready to hear the gospel we found a straight stud muffin this week. his name is fransisco and hes 16 years old. he already had a book of mormon and knew a little bit about the church because he used to be friends with the sister missionaries cause he lived near them. pfff.. sister missionaries. nah but hes awesome, the lesson with elder judd was with him and he came to church with us! our ward recieved him really well and he is already telling us he wants to come back next week. but yeah hes gonna get baptized :)

we had disappointing news with anais... yet again. her parents are doing everything to drag her baptismal date on. on saturday night her mom called us and told us her dad was leaving early in the morning and they couldnt do the baptism.. so they came to church but we didnt have the baptism. i asked anais where her dad was and she said he was at home working on the house... then after church we were walking and a car drove by and im like 100 percent sure we saw her dad. so we called her mom and she just got mad at us and said we called her because we thought she lied to us. ive learned that chilean women love to cause drama. weve had quite a bit. but yeah its tough and our second counselor who is anais´s uncle says we cant pass by her house anymore because he is furious with them. its pretty frustrating. 

we also found a guy named matias this week who is awesome and wants to get baptized! he came to church with us on sunday but told us that he found a different apartment in downtown and is moving on tuesday... hes a great guy though and im happy for him!

sometimes i really do feel like a marriage counselor though. its kind of ridiculous. we have so many couple investigators right now that just are not really progressing and keep telling us about all the problems they have in their relationship. sadly one of those is eduardo and liset. they still have the pic of the temple first thing when you walk in.. but they have been fighting all week and its like they expect us to take sides.. its the weirdest thing. we have so many couple investigators... JUST GET MARRIED

eduardo and liset actually remind a lot of something i read in 3 nephi this week. in 3 nephi 2:1 it mentions how the nehpites just shortly after the fulfilling of all the signs of christs birth and many being converted the church, that they began to forget and to doubt all that they had seen. i believe that many times in life we have plenty of signs and answers to prayers that somehow we tend to forget so fastly. they still are going to go to church and everything, but as of right now im not so sure that they are willing to make the sacrifices to really humble themselves after going through a complete miracle. i stilll love them, and were not ready to drop them , but theyre just not progressing toward marriage.

i know this gospel is the path the lasting happiness. its so so so clear here and really thats why i give 100% of all i have every day. becasue i want people to experiment with that happiness. the temples have the power to seal families forever, the priesthood blesses kids, friends, and spouses, and the church is without a doubt the church of christ on the earth. as we read the book of mormon we are spiritually filled. just as our bodies need sustenance so do our spirits and if we dont continually nurture them they become weak.

love you all so much have an awesome week!:)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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