Monday, March 16, 2015

The Boys are Back in Town

thats right you heard correctly... the boys are back. this week in our ward we finally got some ward missionaries called... and theyre two ex bishops!:) one of them is 75 years old and the other is 82. were pumped hahaha theyre such ballers, and they got plenty of time on their hand, AND they love to visit people! best ward missionaries ever!

this week was sweet. it was a little disappointing... but thats alright were happy and still working hard. changes are next wednesday and i would bet that if anything elder wilcox is going to leave but ive thought two times before and then had to pack my bags so i guess we´ll see. i want to stay here though. i love the ward and i love what were doing. its tough to get baptisms because the area is so dang small and it practically feels like weve contacted everywhere but there is always people waiting for us! right now were working a lot with part families and trying to get baptisms at the same time as reactivations. anais has been one of those for about 3 months here... and she finally is ready with everything... she had passed her interview but last week her mom called us the night before and cancelled it. we´ll just have to see it could happen this week. it will happen this week actually we have faith:)! enzo is progressing too and his family is reactivating really well! now we just need them to commit to a date and we´ll do it. also we have another kid and his dad that is reactivating... his name is benjamin and hes ten years old...just like benjamin from valpo!! 

speaking of valpo, my old ward caught on fire this week :(. the whole sky in viña and valparaiso was just covered in smoke for about 3 days but luckily they got it under control before it burned houses! but for those 3 days it was so stinkin hot!

so our investigator from last week, fransisco is still a stud.. but he doesnt feel ready for his baptism this sunday :(. unfortunately his mom is inactive and is practically implanting into his brain that he needs to have way more preparation before baptism... yet he understands more than any other investigator ive had before baptism! hopefully we can put a date this week.. but he came to church and even prayed and recieved an answer about the book of mormon. hes such a good kid hopefully he doesnt put it off for too long!!

yesterday in church i also had a surprise. the bishop came up to me right before the meeting started and told me one of the talks had fallen and asked if i could fill the time. obviously i said yes... and of course the first talk ended at about 1030... and the meeting shouldnt end until 1115. i really dont know how i did it but i ended up giving like a 30 min talk! i seriously dont even know where it came from but i just had things come to me.. scriptures, quotes , stories. it was kind of cool and i know it really wasnt me that was coming up with the stuff i said. it really was what the people needed and the spirit just used me to relay it!

we have conference tomorrow with the zone from quilpue and president! its pretty much all day and i heard there is a really cool surprise for everyone! ipads? HAH NOT. i would get robbed before i could make it back to the apartment. hopefully its something cool though!

love you guys all so much and im really happy to be here, but miss everyone every single day. i wouldnt be here if didnt know what i was doing is important. christ lives, and salvation is not cheap. nothing of value ever was or ever will be. if were willing to humble ourselves a little bit we can recognize that!! 

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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