Monday, March 23, 2015

Milagros en las Maravillas

whoooo where to begin....!!!??? i just ate a completo (chilean hot dog) about the size of my right thigh. i guess thats still not that big but you get the idea.

this week was awesome including a miracle to finish the change off! the first day i got here to this area six weeks ago we put a baptismal date for 9 year old anais that night. and yesterday the last day of the change she got baptized!! this little girl has waited a long time but her non member dad has done a lot to postpone it time after time. finally on thursday last week we had the chance to talk with him and we just asked for his help. well it worked out great and anais´s uncle, the second counselor in the ward baptized her yesterday and then started crying when he beared his testimony after! i love that guy hes so great and really has practically kept his nephews and nieces stay on a good path! 
the only hiccup in the baptismal service was that when we filled the font up on sunday morning we came back and there was a giant tarantula in the water! it was dead but a lot of hair had gotten in the water from it... we didnt have time to drain it so we just turned the light off in the font so that people couldnt really tell that there was hair in the water haha. but other than that it was perfect and super spiritual.

on tuesday we had zone conference with quilpue and president in our stake center! it was sooo good just as always and president kahnlein surprised us... we watched meet the mormons! well really we watched conocer a los mormones but it was awesome! i really liked it and i think they did an really good job with it. hopefully lots of people are watching it! the navy head football coach is the best part what a stud!
before the conference president asked each one of us to write a five minute talk about a committment we are going to make to consecrate ourselves more to heavenly father this year. i prayed really hard about it and was a little bit overwhelmed with the answer that i got... i received a strong impression that i needed to improve my humility.. and then that ended up being the theme of the conference. even though i didnt get the chance to share my talk i know that it was something i needed to prepare and something that the lord needs me to improve before he can bless me. i basically learned that without succifient humility, god really doesnt even have the power to bless us.. because it wouldnt be for our own good. im going to be working on that for the next little while and the scripture ether 12:27 has helped me out a lot to have the motivation! god will turn our weaknesses into strengths if were willing to cast our pride aside. that is one of the reasons i loved elder klebingats talk fromt the last general conference so much because quick, and full repentance day after day is the healthy way to live the gospel of christ! man seems like yesterday i was watching gen conf in mexico...

we had four baptisms in our district this weekend.. it was awesome! were doing really well and im hoping we can keep it up. next week we will have the baptism for enzo in our ward! enzo is the 8 year old that turns nine this friday and will be baptized on sunday. its been one of the best experiences on my mission to work with his mom and she is now fully active and in a family home even that we had saturday night she said she will accept a calling! i love this family... and i want to help the dad come back so bad but its tough because right now he is not talking with us when we come. we´re going to keep at it though cuase i love that family. hopefully enzo´s baptism helps them out!

weve have been so blessed by the lord this change and have had a lot of good times! this ward struggles with getting out of their comfort zone and really putting forth effort into missionary work but i think if i stay i can help! im hoping i stay as always but who knows i may be a jumper. changes are this wednesday but wherever i am and with whoever i know its for a reason. coincidences are just manifestations of the lords hand every single day in our lives. i know christ lives and i know that he died for me and every one of us. i challenge everything to go watch the video from the church because he lives, and ponder about how you can change your life right now in this moment to show youre love for christ more!

love you all have an awesome week. check out these dimes i snapped this week $

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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