Monday, October 5, 2015

Arrepentios Todos Vosotros

wow what a spectacular weekend of general conference am i right? it
was so amazing i loved every moment of it! pure power!

so i got a good joke to start off this week... how come the lamanites
always got their clothes dirty when they ate? because they never had
the plates!!! HAHA RIGHT?

yeah anyway sorry im done now. this week was... crazy. but good. but
at the same time frustrating. yet looking at it now it was miraculous.
on friday we had to head down to viña for mission council and spent
the whole day in conference and talking about the state of the mission
right now. the truth is... numbers have been going down. hard. we had
the lowest amount of baptisms last month in a long time. its time to
get back on track. people think its due to a lot of different things,
but i feel like more than anything its a mentality that needs to
improve. a hunger for baptism in the mission is so important. that
doesnt mean that if things dont go your way that you have to be angry
or sad, but if you always have the drive to help people get to that
moment of covenant making, you wont be leaving anything on the table.
its tough it really is, but ive never been so happy to do something in
my life. i realized it last night in a lesson after general
conference. the spirit was so strong and as we were there i was just
thinking to myself like i dont ever want to stop doing this. it was

this week we literally committed like 10 people to go to the
conference with us and everyone was in! we were so pumped that we were
going to have them there to here our prophet address us! we were so
excited!... and then nobody came. not a single one, until the last
hour of the last session! we were down we really were, but during the
last session we decided to say a prayer together and we asked for a
miracle... 30 minutes later a mom and her son showed up. patricia and
miguel. patricia has been an investigator for a little while and just
recently started progressing a little and desiring to be baptized,
miguel is her 19 year old son that speaks fluent english and two weeks
ago did not believe that god existed. in 14 days he has started
praying, reading the scriptures, and came to church and now has a
baptismal date! last night in the lesson he told us he wants us to
pass by every day this week and he wants to go to church again and any
activity we have, including playing soccer today with us! seeing the
light of christ work in someone is one of the coolest things in this
entire world. also seeing the lord come through and provide a miracle
was a big testimony builder. we were so thankful that they were there
to hear the final talk given by elder bednar that enfatically stated
the need for our beloved prophets and apostles to guide us in a fallen

if i had to choose a favorite talk right now i probably couldnt do
it... there were too many good ones. but a few in particular stood out
to me and i just wanted to make a comment on them. first of all i now
know what kind of wife i want, if anybody chooses to date me. elder
nelsons talk really made me think deeply about the kind of person i
want to be with for all of eternity, and elder hales talk helped me
know what i need to do to find her. sister marriots talk gave me hope
that no matter what comes our way everything will work out if we do as
elder maynes suggested and center our lives on christ like the clay on
the potters wheel. i know i have many weaknesses not only as a
missionary but as a person in general and for that reason i will
follow the counsel from larry lawrence and ask the lord, what lack i

really there were a million things that were awesome. but what drawed
the most attention to me is that pattern of the talks. i think the
call of personal worthiness, understanding the true purpose of
commandments, obedience, and the need for the sabbath day and the
sacrament to overcome all of those was a resounding general theme! it
was crazy. almost every body mentioned the same things!

other than the fact that i had to do interchanges with a ute fan my
week was awesome. i love this work, i love our prophets and church
leaders, and i love the lord. keep the commandments, stay worthy to
enter the temple, and if youre not there, start from where you are. i
know ive already shared too much but i want to end with a quote that
stuck with me ¨we dont have to be perfect, we just have to be really
good at getting better.¨

love you guys. pray that we have a baptism this week with cristian.
its complicated.

ps: who else love my good pal joey durants dad´s talk? get ponderizing ya fools.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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