Monday, October 26, 2015

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

wazzzzz uuuuuuuuupppppppppppppppp?! guys... i dont remember anything
that has happened this week... all i know is that its been crazy and
that im in a different sector with a new companion..

so yeah see ya next week with the deets....

hah. jk.

so im in quilpue again... but in the actual zone of quilpue, not in
belloto where i started my mission a year ago, but we literally limit
my last sector, and my old pension is in our sector now! but the ward
seems awesome, super different than coquimbo, but awesome. plus i have
the sickest comp in the world!!! his name is elder mcelhaney and hes a
complete stud! hes from arizona (this is 4 american comps in a row but
thats chill) and he got to the mission 2 weeks before me but we go
home together! the reason that he got here before is because
originally he was assigned to el salvador and the day he got to the
mtc in provo, they told him the first presidency had changed his call
to chile and asked him if he accepted it haha! itd be crazy, but the
dude has got so much faith he doesnt doubt that the lord wanted him
here. so here we are! hes so cool and we really got along since the
moment we met, its gonna be a good change!

im not gonna lie.. it was tough to leave coquimbo. i love that place,
and the people there so much! it was really sad, but the good thing is
that patricia our investigator there is getting baptized this week and
is progressing really well! here in quilpue were working super hard to
revitalize a zone that is dying a little bit... it used to be a high
baptizing zone, but lately it has had very few baptisms due to many
factors including the fact that they took out a lot of missionaries
becasue the mission is getting smaller... but were gonna change it!
weve made some changes already and were seeing some results and really
i dont think ive ever been so pumped to just get out and find chosen
investigators! were gonna get it going and just find a ton of good
peeps! right now we have a couple of people that could progress but
nobody that is going to church.. but we aint worried. its gonna be
good. yesterday we started something called funday sunday wehre the
first companionship to set a baptism date with a new investigator gets
a prize at volleyball today and it actually worked really well!
amazing what little things can do to cause big changes. the glory is
in the details as nate carling always said.

on friday my comp had to go to a new leaders meeting and i had no one
to be with... so i teamed up with an elder from valpo and we went to
valpo together to a district meeting and to lunch! haha it was awesome
i was so happy to take a trip down memory lane in valpo! i love that
place its beautiful.

the first night i got here to quilpue my comp was vomiting in the
streets but hes so sick that he refused to call the nurse or go home
so we kept working. haha i got a video of it that is pretty funny. he
was making noises that i never even knew existed. the moral of teh
story is that were gonna have an awesome change. im just overall
really excited to get going.

i know that there are a bunch of cool stories of things that happened
this week but i cant remember anything becasue i had NO time to write
in my journal or do anything.

love you guys have a great week. do the little things and great things
will be brought about.

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

photos- mate sesh, and this circus dude that we contacted put his
toucan bird on my shoulder

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