Monday, October 12, 2015

Elder Allred's Companion

Queridos Padres de Elder Allred,

Solo quería tomar un momento para... Nah I speak english

But in all seriousness I wanted to take a moment to write you and to thank you for all that you have done for your son to make him the fantastic missionary that he is. I have been with him for about 5 weeks now and they have been more than awesome. 

Your son is a very hard worker and enjoys every minute of it. He is always thinking about others, how he can help them, and what he can do to help them come closer to Christ. Not only has he been my favorite companion, but also one of my best friends on the mission. I have only worked with him for 5 weeks here, but I was in the MTC in mexico with him and got to know him there.

You have definitely raised a son who is confident and knowledgeable in the gospel. You can definitely be proud of what he has done with the Allred Name. We have laughed, we have almost cried, we have been stressed, and we have been determined. And through all of it he has pushed on. He is really a great missionary, friend, and person. He always talks about the changes that have happened in the mission and the advice and guidance that you gave him before the mission. I know that you were really a big part of his life and have always been important for him. Keep up what you have been doing and your son will go far. 

Some of the things that I really admire in your son is his drive to do what the lord wants him to do. After conference not only did he enjoy the talks, but he truly applied them to his life and has taught me ever so much. I admire his desire to have success and his drive to back it up. I admire the way he smiles and greets everyone, and how he has the heart that really means it. I admire the way that he fights for whats right when its hard, and only has the righteous desire behind it. And I admire the way he respects me and helps me grow everyday. 

I dont know how much time I will be with him here in the mission, but whatever time I get I will definetly cherish. I hope that it isnt only a mission memory but a faithful friend forever. 

Thank you again for raising, guiding, and supporting such a great son and sending him to be on the mission with me. 

Be proud.

Elder Taylor Nielson

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