Monday, October 12, 2015

The Curious Case of Oscar Herrera

well i guess this is what happens when you put off writing the group
email until last cause i have like not time. its whatevs though im
totes down.

this. week. was. awesome.

we had a lot of miracles but ill just start from where im at. get it?
that was an elder uchtdorf quote. oh by the way holy smokes so i
downloaded the whole five session of conference last week onto my
pendrive and ive been listening to all the talks again and it has been
a blast. wow i would love to wind back 3 years and hear myself say
that one. but yeah anyway ive listened to elder christoffersons talk
like 3 times. that guy is pure power. his talk about the need for a
church needs to be listened to by every single person here in chile.
im thinking about replacing lesson one in preach my gospel and just
putting that in so that everyone can understand the doctrinal need of
an organization divinely appointed by god.

so yeah.. yesterday we had cristians baptism!!! it was so awesome and
the spirit was so strong! hes really come a long way and the best part
about it all was that he has become really good friends with our homie
cameron (thats alexis´ son) and he had the honor of performing the
baptism!! we were so pumped and it was just all around a good time.
tonight were gonna have a family home evening with him on the tenth
floor of a beachside apartment and eat some good food! woohoo!! also
hes coming to playing soccer with everyone in like an hour so that
should be chill.

on friday we had interchanges and i stayed in my sector with a
relatively new but training missionary from the south of chile in a
place called temuco. well that just happens to be the place where old
man oscar was born as well. so even though he told us not to come by
for two weeks we decided to go anyway... we arrived and we werent
getting anywhere. for about an hour it was the same old thing with
oscar we just kept coming to the same dead ends. but then his son, the
bishop came in and was looking for something. he stopped for a little
bit and was listening to us as the spirit told us EXACTLY what oscar
needed to hear. for a long time oscar had blamed his lack of not
receiving an answer from god to see if he should get baptized because
he struggled to concentrate in his prayers. but i have no doubt in my
mind that the spirit guided us into it and we asked him, oscar maybe
its not because you cant concentrate in your prayers that you havent
received an answer, maybe its becasue you already know what you have
to do and therefore god cant give you a stronger reply. the bishop sat
down and began to testify of it and that is when the spirit touched
his heart. i seriously thought i was in a dream as i heard the words
come out of his mouth that he would get baptized the 17th! THE OLD MAN
IS GETTIN DUNKED!!! im so pumped but i know its going to take a lot of
prayers and faith to get him there. he has a habit of falling into
deep depresssion at random times but i know he can do it. pray for

another great experience was the day before as we taught the word of
wisdom to miguel (former atheist) and his mom patricia. they could not
grasp the concept of why tea and wine should be forbidden. it was
after about 30 min that the spirit finally touched the heart of
patricia and she suddenly interrupted us to tell us why it was
important and that she now understood why she had to keep it! it was
incredible! even though miguel had to go to santiago for the weekend,
she came to all three hours of church and stayed after for the baptism
as well! she could get baptized soon, miguel probably needs a little
more time. he has a girl friend in santiago that he sort of likes...
:/ but hes still progressing really well!

this week was tough mentally ill be honest. i think that for every
single time that ive been close to having success on the mission this
happens though. its like i start thinking a lot of negative things and
lacking a little bit of energy. i dont know if it was satan trying to
pull me down, or god trying to test my faith, but me and my comp both
felt it this week. we pushed through though without getting too down
and received the blessing of christians baptism. hopefully we can do
it again this week.

im tired, a little sick, hungry, and i need to poop really bad right
now but i dont think theres any bathrooms nearby. but ive never been

ive been reading acts lately and paul is such a boss. i just want to
be like him. acts 20: 21-31 really hit me hard. verse 24 says ¨but
none of these things move me, neither count i my life dear unto
myself, so that i might finish my course with joy, and the ministry,
which i have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the
grace of god¨

i know this is the only true church of christ in the world. make it
the center of your lives, trust in god, and discipline yourself enough
to listen to his counsels and the counsels of our leaders. love you

happy birthday to steve. you da bomb and i love you homie. enjoy hawaii. :)

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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