Monday, October 19, 2015

It's a Hard Knock Life

well... this week was rough... and then good. kind of like every week.
but no oscar did not get baptized... :( that man has caused me SO MUCH

this week we have changes and i have no idea what is going to happen.
on tuesday night theyll call us and tell us who is leaving and
wednesday early in the morning we´ll be on the bus to viña if either
of us leave. yeah i have 6 months here but i think theres a decent
chance i stay. elder frampton is the assistant now so ive got a little
swing in the office. i told him if they dont know where to put me to
just let me stick it out here in coquimbo. i love this place.

but yeah on monday we went to oscars house to have what was supposed
to be a great family home evening with the bishop in preparation for
his baptismal interview. the elders from another sector had even seen
him looking for a suit that morning for his baptism! and when we got
there he told us he couldnt do it. that his depression had hit him
again and that he couldnt go through with it. ah it was so hard to
hear. if this guy doesnt decide to get baptized in this life i cant
imagine him having another chance. hes received so many answers. ahhh
its so tough.

the good part is that patricia, this lady that we have been teaching
progressed so much this week! shes got a testimony of the book of
mormon, she came to all three hours of church, and is ready to be
baptized next weekend. hopefully we can get all of the lessons in that
we need to before then with changes and everything! but the best part
is that everyone befriended her so well in the ward and invited her to
two different familiy home evenings this week it was awesome!!! if i
stay.. we´ll have a baptism on saturday i believe.

this week we had interchanges with probably the most notorious sector
in the whole mission... andacollo. andacollo is considered one of the
most catholic places on earth. the virgen of andacollo is one of the
most renowned in all of chile. its a complete joke. every year people
walk on feet or on knees to this little village tucked up and away
from coquimbo like 2 hours on bus until they get to the virgin to be
forgiven for their sins for the year. the hardest part about it all is
that everyone is so like programmed with what they believe that
anything else than adoring the virgin just sounds so crazy. wooo, it
was tough. but i actually really enjoyed it and i feel like i learned
a ton. there are a lot of good people. i would love to work in a small
branch like that some day.

our convert christian got confirmed and received the priesthood this
week so that was tight! he´ll pass the sacrament next week and next
month he will be ordained a priest when he turns 16. also the bishop
called me saturday night to see if i could give a talk the next
morning in church. so i was like yeah whatever but not all that pumped
about it. however my topic was what are the things that helped me
prepare to serve a mission... it was so awesome! it helped me remember
so many things and so many people that helped me along the way to get
where i am at now. i learned a lot by doing it.

sorry this was kind of boring but all i want to do is go play soccer.
i dont know why but i hate writing these things. and writing in my
journal. but i know maybe someday they will come in handy again as i
look back on what will have been the best two years of  my life. the
mission is the bomb. im going all out this next change!

love you all

-elder allred - chilean street raptor

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